Our History

Mahesh Ayurvedic Pharmacy was first Established in Papar Mandi Bazar Shahalmi Gate Lahore in 1895 by Our Great Grand Father Late Rai Bahadur Mul Raj. District & Sessions Judge. The Pharmacy was named after his father Lala Mahesh Das. Being a scholar with a M.A and P.R.S, Mul Raj was a Scholar, Judge, Social Reformer, and and trusted Disciple of Swami Dayanad.

Although the Pharmacy was established in 1895, Mul Raj got Interested in Ayurveda from 1881 and began to read books like Charak Samhita, Sarngadhara Samhita, Ayurveda Nighantu & Dutt’s Materia Medica of the Hindus. He also actively started to Interacting with Vaids, Scholars of Indian Medicine and  various other people like Pandit Nand Lal a sanskrit teacher in  , Puri Pandit of Kila Dar (a sacred place of Kashmiri Pandits where a Havan was performed 24*7) a Vaid by profession, Khan Bahadur Dr Chetan Shah a civil Surgeon (medical Advisor to Amir Sher Ali Ruler of Afghanistan) with knowledge in Unani, Pandit Janardhan & Pandit Narain Das a very learned sanskrit and Ayurveda scholar  and others.

In 1887 Yograj Guggal was blended by Mul Raj on a commercial scale for sale via D.A.V. College Lahore, with all Proceeds to be used for Planting of Medicinal Plants in D.A.V. school Lahore.

After studying further under Pandit Narain Das Vaidya, whose father was a learned Pandit and Ayurvedic physician during the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Permission was given by Pandit Narain Das for treating Patients, after which Ayurvedic Medicines were prepared in house to give them Gratis to people who came.

In 1894 Mul Raj took a long leave and came to Lahore where his friend’s advised him to establish  an Ayurvedic Pharmacy and to organize sales of Ayurvedic Medicines for free distribution to the Suffering and Poor.

Thereafter Mul Raj went by foot to Kulu, now in Himachal Pradesh to gain personal knowledge about the Medicinal Herbs growing in the Mountains.

In 1895 Lohasava was prepared in the Pharmacy to Treat a Jaundice Patient with Success.

Mahesh Aushdhalaya became a popular Pharmacy for Ayurvedic Drugs in The Punjab. The income from the Aushdhalaya was spent on maintaining a widow’s home, orphanage, scholarships to needy students and on various other nation building schemes like Swadeshi Vastu Prachirini Sabha and for Publishing it’s paper called “Swadeshi Vastu Pracharak” in English and Hindi.

The Ayurvedic Remedies were used during the Swine Flu Pandemic which struck the world during 1918-1919 with great success as they would not only open the Airways and provide instant relief to people but would also boost immunity of the non Infected People in General.

We have therefore decided to bring these remedies back to people keeping in view the Various Pandemics that are now ravaging the world and do hope to carry on this good work using our age old family remedies to help and heal the world. People now have the opportunity to use the best of both Old and New World remedies to heal and ward off severe illnesses which the world is seeing.