What is CoviVeda?

Immunity Boosting Tea With Herbs Is Scientifically Tested With A Proven Inhibition of 71.7% Against The Covid-19 Virus (In-Vitro)

World’s First Herbal Tea / Mix, demonstrating an Instant 71.7% Covid-19 Inhibition with zero Cytotoxicity In-Vitro trials conducted at The Regional Centre for Biotechnology, DBT (Govt. of India) & UNESCO The study and trials were thereafter Peer reviewed by the scientists and Professor Priya Abraham of the National Institute of Virology, (ICMR).

We announce the launch of CoviVeda Herbal Tea / Mix. The World’s first scientifically tested Herbal Mix, demonstrating an Instant Inhibition of up to 71.7% against the Covid-19 Virus during In-Vitro Laboratory testing at the Regional Centre for Biotechnology. This neutralizing ability of the Virus comes with zero Cytotoxicity towards Healthy cells. The test was conducted at a BSL 3 Laboratory of Regional Centre for Biotechnology, established by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, and set up under the aegis of UNESCO, which is the United Nations Educational and Scientific Research Organization. The trials were conducted on Monkey Vero Cells as per the most modern scientific and Internationally accepted Norms. Ancient Indian Knowledge of herbs is now backed by scientific proof as per international testing norms.

Prithu Nath the founder of Arogyadham Foundation said: This Herbal Mix has been found to demonstrate zero Cytotoxicity towards Healthy Cells. As it has the ability, without any long culture time, to Instantly, disable the Covid Virus upon contact, i.e., 71.7%, one can use it as a Herbal Tea, plus it can also be used to sanitize the Mouth, Throat, and Nasal Cavity to a great extent. One can swirl it in the mouth, Gargle with it, Steam with it and make a Nasal spray. The Covid Virus mostly always infects the Human Body via the Nose and the Throat. Once infected the Covid Virus has the ability to spread further into other organs, including the brain, Salivary Glands, Heart, Kidneys, Testicles, Lungs, Blood, and Nasal Nerves, and may cause extensive damage. The best way out is to try and keep the infection out or to the minimum by using scientifically tested, non-cytotoxic natural products so as to gain natural immunity, which is proving to be long-lasting and more robust than just vaccinations. As per recent scientific studies, Covid Virus has the ability to cause extensive damage to the Nasal Epithelial cells without triggering an Interferon response which is the first immune response towards invading pathogens. Also, the virus can travel up to 200 ft in the air. Till now only hand sanitizers and masks are being used for protection. CoviVeda with its unique ability has been successfully used by various individuals to tame their infections during the Alpha, Delta, and Omicron Waves without lingering effect. Age & multiple comorbidities have not been a negative factor in the efficacy of the tea as per the written & Video testimonials. Many individuals are now using CoviVeda as an immunity Multiplier due to its unique ability to disable the Virus and also as an Immunity booster as it has many beneficial herbs which have been used for centuries in India and are well documented for their healing properties. CoviVeda is being used as an additional Preventive Method to sanitize the Nose, Mouth & Throat, as an additional layer of protection. Lower Viral Loads = Lesser Infection = Better long-lasting immunity!

It is important to reduce the strength of the infections or prevent infections at the very outset so that the Immune system is better able to handle the Covid Virus. CoviVeda may play an important role in reducing the Viral Load in the nose, mouth, and throat and thereby reduce the strength of the infection but also help in reducing the spread of the virus to others. There are preferred sites in the human body where the entry of the immune system is not permitted. The Virus goes into hiding in these preferred sites of the body and here CoviVeda as it works independently of the Immune system may be helpful in clearing out this Virus in hiding. Long Covid is a reality as it is triggering many lingering mild but debilitating side effects but also inflicting serious damage to various organs of the human body which in some cases is irreversible. Reducing the Viral load is the key to preventing Long Covid. The Virus in Long Covid is triggering reactivation of latent TB, the EBV Virus which is known to be the cause of many health issues like Cancer, Cardiovascular issues, brain fog, depression, anxiety, myocardial issues & fatigue.

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